What Soul Builder offers...

I offer a range of transformational workshops, programs and seminars that help you to give your life and work meaning and balance, and acquire the skills to make lasting changes. These are designed to guide and support you to reflect, identify and build on your strengths, find and follow your soul purpose, and create a meaningful and fulfilling life - a soul-full life.

All services are carried out in a creative and soul-nurturing atmosphere, with the aim of making it a joyous and enriching experience for you!

Sessions can be tailored to meet your unique needs, as well as customised to suit the requirements of organisations and groups who wish to build soul within their teams.

Overview of services...

Tune-up for the Soul

1.5 hour session

"...I've really got some balance back into my life. I feel I've got a grounded place now and a way to move ahead. Each day I'm a step closer to that beautiful vision and it's my vision, not someone else's!"
Sam, advertising executive

Tune into your soul... Filter out the static and tune into your inner guidance in this session, specially designed to restore balance and activate your soul purpose. In this process (suitable for both individuals and groups) you will undergo:
  • Balancing... a process of relaxation to balance the mind, body and spirit and open the channels of communication with your inner guidance
  • Soul journey... a guided journey to tune into your soul and discover who you truly are and your purpose for being here
  • Soul purpose activation... understand what you need to do to align with your soul purpose and nourish your spirit.
Bonus: 10 days of free follow up support by phone and email after the session.

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Playtime for the Soul

One day workshop

"I had such a good time today! I can't recommend this workshop highly enough. It was so great getting to take time out and replenish the well again... A lot of fun and a lot of depth to it as well."
Mariana, massage therapist

Let your soul out to play... Too much work and not enough play makes for a soul-less existence! No matter what your level or form of artistic ability, your soul craves creative expression to be truly "in flow". Reignite your enthusiasm for living a joyous and playful life with a day of fun and soul-nurturing activities, in a small group setting. Activities include:
  • Soul mission collage... create a dynamic portrait of your soul purpose
  • Vision seed map... generate an inspiring vision for the future
  • Prayer stick... in the Native American tradition, decorate a prayer stick to manifest your wishes.
Bonus: Soul tune-up session included, to connect with your creative source. Plus 10 days of free follow up support by phone and email after the workshop.

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Soul Cafe

3 hour workshop

"Judith is a terrific facilitator! The environment was warm and relaxed and everyone thoroughly participated. Her creative approach made it fun and uplifting, as well as getting us where we needed to go. A great result!"
Krystyna, marketing manager

Connect with others in a soul-full way... The Soul Cafe is based on a world cafe format, which is a relaxed and enjoyable way of having "conversations that matter". The process arose from the idea that often the best conversations we have occur informally, such as over a coffee in a cafe. In a series of round-table discussions, key questions are explored relating to a particular soul-full theme. This progressive style of conversation inspires cross-pollination of ideas and draws out multi-layered meanings. It's a lot of fun and a great process for:
  • brainstorming innovative concepts
  • engaging diverse groups and
  • deepening connections across organisations and communities.
Bonus: 10 days of free follow up support for participants, by phone and email, after the session.

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Soul Coaching

4 week program

"Judith is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul's truth."
Denise Linn, Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching

Detox your soul and declutter your life... Devised by Denise Linn (US), internationally renowned healer and author, Soul Coaching® is a rewarding four-week journey of cleansing and reinvigorating your life, helping you to connect with the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth and to detox mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – in your own space, and at your own pace. This process is suitable for individuals or small groups and includes:
  • Coaching... support throughout your journey
  • Workbook... a workbook to guide you, with daily inspirational activities
  • Vision quest... your own sacred quest, to unify and complete the process.
Bonus: Incorporates weekly soul tune-up sessions, to enhance inner clarity. Plus 30 days of free follow up support by phone and email after completing the program.

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Soul Renewal

12 week program

"Three months on and I'm feeling more energised than ever. I feel so much clearer and more balanced and right on purpose. Everything we worked through is unfolding and even better than I imagined it could be..."
Christos, small business owner

Ready to create the soul-full life you really want? Then go for it! The Soul Renewal™ program is an intensive and profound one-on-one process of transformation and regeneration – a complete soul-full life makeover, individually tailored to guide you to find and follow your soul life path. Over a period of twelve weeks, you will be coached to:
  • Illuminate... Where am I now?
    Identify your skills and strengths and how to build on them. Determine the major challenges in your work and home life, and what you would like to change. Assess the balance across all aspects of your life.
  • Create... Where am I going?
    Reveal and connect with your purpose. Clarify your values and test how you're putting them into practice. Envision what your life will be like when everything is working fantastically well.
  • Transform... How will I get there?
    Determine how to set meaningful goals and prioritise them into achievable action steps. Free up time to do what you really want to do. Learn how to stay motivated and on track. Enjoy and celebrate your achievements!
Bonus: The program includes a series of soul tune-up sessions, to deepen your connection to your inner guidance, and a variety of optional components such as Soul Coaching®. It is followed by 90 days of free support by phone and email, to assist you on your soul-full life path.

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Soul-full Seminars

Have a particular area of interest? Call or email to discuss your needs.

In need of some soul-full inspiration? Illuminating and motivational seminars are available on a range of transformational subjects, tailored to meet the needs of your group or organisation. A Soul-full Seminar can reinvigorate your team, connect them with soul and purpose, and help motivate them to think and work in new ways. Learn more about the principles and practices of living a soul-full life, using creativity to connect with and express the voice of the soul, strategies to strengthen cohesion and build soul within your team, and other soul-full ideas. Soul-full topics include:
  • Journey to the Centre of the Soul
  • The Soul of Creativity
  • Building a Soul-full Team
Bonus: 10 days of free follow up support for participants, by phone and email, after the session.

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